Inspiring Essay Titles

University and college students and even some high school classmen and top students often omit such an important tool in their essays as a title. More
often than not, they also underuse this helpful means of persuasion and attraction of the attention of the needed audience. A non-specific or obscure title
is just a missed possibility to introduce your idea or to promote your writing.

To make things straight and clear, you should be aware of the following key points about titles that will help you out in any situation or with any
assignment you are stuck with:

Why Are Titles So Comparatively Challenging?

Titles are first and foremost important for your readers and the audience. Along with the body of the essay, a relevant title may be one of the most
captivating and alluring elements of the whole essay. If you are looking for the methods to hold the attention of your audience, your essay title is one of
the initial and basic things you should think about. Writing an essay , you should
be aware of the main functions that should be carried out by your academic title:

  • Contributing to the argument in the essay and convincing the reader;

  • Capturing the reader’s attention and interest with the help of the brief idea what the essay will be about;

  • Marking that the question indicated in the assignment was answered;

  • Privileging the text of your essay in comparison with the other academic essays that were written by your fellow-students;

  • Controlling your writing process – when you create your title at the beginning of your writing process, you can be sure that the title will guide
    you throughout the text;

  • Checking the main thoughts and paragraphs, when you create your essay title at the end of your composition.

  • Reflecting the style of a piece of writing;

  • Predicting the content of the issue in question.

A title for your essay is of such a high priority, because it covers two sides of essay writing. It gives the insight about the essay itself (that is a
reason for readers to pay attention to it) and it helps you coordinate your academic writing.

What Does a Sensational Title Look Like?

The titles of academic papers (essay in particular) are seldom short. It means that your title should consist of at least 5 meaningful words. You should
not be surprised, when you see a 2 or even 3 lines long title.

Moreover, essay titles are frequently compiled of two parts: the main part and the subtitle. These parts should be separated by a colon, because it gives
an effect of a slight division of the ideas and at the same time presupposes that the subtitle should announce more particular information described in the
first part.

The combinations of a title and a subtitle are usually as follows:

  • A quotation, catchy phrase or a hook as a main title + a detailed informative phrase that includes organization or methods of your research or
    writing in general.

For example:

Student’s Life: Pros and Cons of Partying All the Night Long


Only the Educated are Free: Education as My Favorite Subject or How I Came to Love Education

The first example contains the hook as a main title Student’s Life, and the description what exactly will be discussed about student’s life – Pros and Cons of Partying All the Night Long.

The second example consists of a quotation of the outstanding philosopher Epictetus Only the Educated are Free and the subtitle leading to the
fact that Education is your favorite subject.

  • A catchy phrase used in both the main title and a subtitle

For instance:

Pros and Cons of Not Partying All the Night Long: Student’s Life of a Computer Nerd


Reading Kills Your Imagination: 5 Facts about the Books that Devastated Your Student’s Life

How do I Write a Sensational Title for my Essay?

  • Focus on the type of an essay you have as your homework assignment

Different types of essays (such as narrative, argumentative, cause and effect, persuasive, expository etc.) require definite types of titles.

In such a way, an argumentative essay should start with a title that will give your readers the idea what point of view you are going to defend – for or
against the case in question. For example, you may use such a title for your argumentative essay:

Smoking Has a Positive Influence on our Health: Smokers with Whiskers

As for the narrative essay, it should not give any details what your essay will be about. It includes only the most habitual idea of your narration.
Narration about your best experience in college may be titled like this:

My First Girlfriend in College: How I Fell in Love

A cause and effect essay should be given a very specific title, as it should immediately clarify the background cause and effect you will state in your
essay. The word “because” used in the title makes a greater impact on your reader and listener. Therefore, you may use such a title as:

Because the World Goes to the East: Everyone Should Study Chinese

If you are thinking about your persuasive essay as your homework task for the next class, you should choose a very demonstrative and forcible title like
this one:

Drink More Coffee before your Lectures: Professors Strike against Sleeping during Classes

  • Promote ideas to develop your essay structure

Having written the title does not mean it is ready and will be used at the end of your essay writing. It is only a draft that should guide you further.
First thing to do is to generate more ideas what your essay will be about and who will be your audience.

It is a common mistake to squeeze your essay into the Procrustean bead of your title. You should write your academic assignment first, and only then
consider whether the title fits to it well or whether you should change it for good.

  • Re-consider your essay assignment instructions

Your professor may give you some individual or even unusual recommendations. Then the title you have made up may be very far from that implied by your
teacher. Use such verbs as summarize, analyze, compare/contrast, assess, define, discuss, illustrate, evaluate, outline, describe and make the nouns out of
them to use it in your title – An Outline of …, An Illustration of… etc.

A title in the form of a question is a very good way to spark the reader’s curiosity, if your essay assignment implies a question to be answered.

Put down the main keywords of your essay. Are they encountered in your title as well? If no, include them into the title. Join all the keywords into one
sentence and apply them in the essay title.

  • Re-write you title if needed

From time to time, a title you created at the beginning may fit perfectly into the whole image of your essay. However, at most, a title should be edited
and proofread several times. Sometimes, it may seem wordy or very long and primitive. Try to re-read it a few hours later. It will help you hold back a bit
and look at it from the different angle. FreelanceHouse writers will be happy to choose title for

Do not get disappointed at once – your title will be startling and amazing for sure. Hurry up and challenge your imagination now!

Soon another year will begin. Another year filled with exciting book releases and new, compelling voices emerging from the different depths of the writing world. I asked my friends, co-workers, and random people on the internet to let me know which articles and essays stood out to them this year. I wanted to know what moved them, inspired them, or compelled them to think about their life, opinions, and relationships. What were the pieces they read that they absolutely had to share with at least one person? So they told me and here I have this list of 18 articles and essays published in 2014 from many incredible writers. Check it out and take a look back at some  thought-provoking moments in writing this year.

1. My Grandma the Poisoner – John Reed

“You don’t want to believe your grandmother is poisoning you. You know that she loves you—there’s no doubt of that—and she’s so marvelously grandmotherly and charming. And you know that she would never want to poison you. So despite your better judgment, you eat the food until you’ve passed out so many times that you can’t keep doubting yourself.”

2. A Tale Of Two Hipsters – Dale Beran

“This essay is an effort to use critical analysis to unravel the term “hipster” into a lattice of ideas that is clear, makes plain sense, and so therefore explains things which before to us seemed hopelessly tangled. Most articles on this topic claim the term is unknowable. This is because the word, like the entire notion of indefinable rhizomic culture movements, is ideology. It is the means by which an outside group has defined, divided, and de-legitimized the radical in our present generation.”

3. Bad Victims – Roxane Gay

“People who have been sexually assaulted know there are good victims and bad victims. Good victims, of course, do not exist but they are an elaborate ideal. They are assaulted in a dark alley by a known criminal who has a knife or a gun. They are modestly dressed. They report their assault immediately to law enforcement and submit, willingly, to a rape exam. They answer all questions about their assault lucidly and completely as many times as is necessary. They are adequately prepared for trial. They don’t pester the prosecutor as he or she prepares for trial. When they testify, they are modestly dressed. They are the girl or boy next door. They deserve justice because they are so righteous in their victimhood.”

4. Naked, Covered in Ram’s Blood, Drinking a Coke, and Feeling Pretty Good – Andrew Solomon

“And then when I had finished the Coke, they said, “Okay, now we have the final parts of the ritual. First you have to put your hands by your sides and stand very straight and very erect.” And I said, “Okay,” and then they tied me up with the intestines of the ram. In the meanwhile its body was hanging from a nearby tree, and someone was doing some butchering of it, and they took various little bits of it out. And then I had to kind of shuffle over, all tied up in intestines, which most of you probably haven’t done, but it’s hard.”

5. I Don’t Want To Be Right – Maria Konnikova

“Normally, self-affirmation is reserved for instances in which identity is threatened in direct ways: race, gender, age, weight, and the like. Here, Nyhan decided to apply it in an unrelated context: Could recalling a time when you felt good about yourself make you more broad-minded about highly politicized issues, like the Iraq surge or global warming? As it turns out, it would. On all issues, attitudes became more accurate with self-affirmation, and remained just as inaccurate without. That effect held even when no additional information was presented—that is, when people were simply asked the same questions twice, before and after the self-affirmation.”

6. The Year I Grew Wildly, While Men Looked On – Ashley Ford

“Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around myself. My clothes weren’t small. They were a little tight. That was only because my body kept growing, but only in certain places. I did my best to cover myself, to hide it, to keep looking like someone’s little girl, but I was visibly losing the battle, and had been for some time. It wasn’t just me. We were all changing. I enjoyed watching the other girls in the locker room undress, and I kept track of their growth. But I didn’t want to make them feel like I felt. I didn’t want to make them feel ogled. Did they hate this too?”

7. Snackwave: A Comprehensive Guide To The Internet’s Saltiest Meme – Hazel Cills and Gabby Noone

“It’s important to note that snackwave is different from, say, a bunch of girls eating snacks and tweeting about them. Snackwave is defined by exaggeration and extremism. You don’t just eat cheeseburgers. You wear a shirt covered in them. You don’t just eat pizza. You run a blog devoted to collecting pictures of celebrities eating pizza. In a world of Women Laughing Alone With Salad, snackwave is our saviour.”

8. All My Exes Live in Texts: Why the Social Media Generation Never Really Breaks Up – Maureen O’Connor

“All my exes live online, and so do their exes, and so do their exes, too. I carry the population of a metaphorical Texas in a cell phone on my person at all times. Etiquette can’t keep up with us—not that we would honor it anyway—so ex relationships run on lust and impulse and nosiness and envy alternating with fantasy. It’s a dozen soap operas playing at the same time on a dozen different screens, and you are the star of them all. It’s both as thrilling and as sickening as it sounds.”

9.  “Everything Is Problematic” – My journey into the centre of a dark political world, and how I escaped – Aurora Dagny

“I’ll be graduating soon, and I’ve been thinking about my years in Montreal with both nostalgia and regret. Something has been nagging at me for a long time. There’s something I need to say out loud, to everyone before I leave. It’s something that I’ve wanted to say for a long time, but I’ve struggled to find the right words. I need to tell people what was wrong with the activism I was engaged in, and why I bailed out. I have many fond memories from that time, but all in all, it was the darkest chapter of my life.”

10. I Don’t Know What To Do With Good White People – Brit Bennett

“Over the past two weeks, I’ve seen good white people congratulate themselves for deleting racist friends or debating family members or performing small acts of kindness to Black people. Sometimes I think I’d prefer racist trolling to this grade of self-aggrandizement. A racist troll is easy to dismiss. He does not think decency is enough. Sometimes I think good white people expect to be rewarded for their decency. We are not like those other white people. See how enlightened and aware we are? See how we are good?”

11. Toward An Entish Civic Ideology – James Barnes

“Stop affiliating with a party, even as simple shorthand. We have to quit demonizing entire groups of people we don’t know. Discuss ideas—not people, not regions, not backgrounds—but ideas. It is ideas that matter in formulating plans and solving problems, not fears. Refuse to do what you’re told only because someone says “time is short.”

12. The Night A Corndog Basket in Tennessee Saved My Life – Cock D.

“I made my way up a steep hill to Drifter’s BBQ. I walked in to find a pretty young girl behind the bar. She glowed with the spirit and naivety of a gaggle of orphaned boys playing an impromptu game of baseball in the middle of a dirt road. She was beauty, and if I had the ability to feel the basic human emotion of love in that moment, I might have fallen for her. She didn’t offer much for conversation, most likely ‘cause I smelled of my own shit, but her presence was warming and reminded me of a better man’s childhood, free of responsibility or molestation. She filled a hole in me, and was at least nice enough to let a scoundrel stay for lunch.”

13. Ask Polly: Would He Love Me If I Were Prettier, Skinnier, And Sweeter? – Heather Havrilesky

“But you also sum up so many wasted hours of so many women’s lives with this: “Clearly he has the capacity to care, just not about me. And I don’t understand why.” This is something stupid that smart women do regularly: They believe that they can understand anything if they just think about it hard enough. “Why? Why not me?” they ask, certain that the answer will reveal itself. “Can it really be that I’m not good enough to MAGICALLY CHANGE A NARCISSISTIC, AIMLESS, DRUNK FROG INTO A PRINCE?” None of the equations add up or make even the slightest bit of sense, but we just keep on writing them down, scribbling out numbers until our wrists ache. It’s like A Beautiful Mind except instead of winning a Nobel Prize you win a weekend of weeping on your bathroom floor.”

14. Shame and Survival – Monica Lewinsky

“It may surprise you to learn that I’m actually a person.”

15. Dear Straight Women Everywhere: In Relationships, You Always Have The Upper Hand – Rachel Hodin

“Present in all of these men’s words is evidence that, for a man, there is nothing more forceful or intoxicating than the initial sight of a beautifully captivating woman. It will lead them to disloyalty, to lose concentration on their work, and even to insanity.”

16. Fuck Yes or No – Mark Manson

“Why would you ever be excited to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? If they’re not happy with you now, what makes you think they’ll be happy to be with you later? Why do you make an effort to convince someone to date you when they make no effort to convince you?”

17. Girlfriend – Wendy C. Ortiz

“I was dying to get out of my life, the one where I was a girlfriend, a really bad girlfriend, a girlfriend who cheated and got drunk a lot and threw up on her boyfriend’s floor which was really his mom and dad’s floor, and my boyfriend who was just this guy, really, a nice decent guy, the most decent of his friends but all my friends knew that we did not have fuck all in common, leaving me with this guy and his friends who I felt some weird kinship with, and why? Just why?”

18. My Receipt Was Not Good Enough – Roxane Gay

“I paid for everything with a friendly salesperson in the video game area because that’s what you have to do with certain items. Then I went to the bathroom and then I headed for the front of the store. Now, the game was still in its security case. When I got to the front, I showed my receipt for the case to be removed. The young man studied my receipt like it was the most important document he had ever seen. My skin started prickling because I knew something really frustrating was about to happen. I just knew. Anyone who has been racially profiled knows that feeling.”


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