The Jewelry Guy De Maupassant Essay

In the Guy De Maupassant¡¦s ¡¥The Jewelry¡¦, a short story that anyone by just reading the title would think that it¡¦s simply about a piece of jewelry. But it is not what the title seems, it¡¦s about a man, M. Lantin, who found the love of his life and how he found out what he thought his wife did behind his back. The story only shows the M. Lantin¡¦s side of the story, a man¡¦s point of view, but it lacks Lady Lantin¡¦s side of the story. Just by reading the story, Guy De Maupassant only wrote what M. Lantin saw and felt, but he never mentioned what Lady Lantin thought of her husband or her new marriage life. And in the end, after her death, as she had no chance of defending herself, she was accused of committing adultery. But a couple of expensive jewelries could mean anything, and as I was saying, Lady Lantin never had a chance to speak for herself throughout the story, no one could be sure of whether she was really having an affair with someone else or not. Even if she did, she might have had her reasons. I believe the story has another side to it, the Lady Lantin¡¦s story.

At the beginning, when M. Lantin first met Lady Lantin, he thought she was everything he wanted, actually, she was what every man would want at that time. From the description of her in the book, she seems to be a simple woman that doesn¡¦t know much and would listen to everything her husband tells her to do. And most of all, she was beautiful. As for her mother, having a husband who had just passed away couple of years ago, and a daughter with money barely enough to live on, the best...

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Essay The Jewelry by Guy de Maupassant

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The Jewelry
Maupassant effectively portrays a marriage that is misunderstood through manipulation, distrust, and deception. He does this by describing each individual, the couple in relation to one another, as well as their lifestyle. At the beginning of the story, as M.Lantin falls in love with the woman, the author seems to describe the woman thoroughly as being one of rare find. The author states that, “Everyone sang her praises”(Maupassant 69). The story makes a big deal that “the young girl seemed to be the very ideal of that pure good woman to whom every young man dreams of entrusting his future” (Maupassant 69). She was clearly a woman with unique beauty, even described as modest with shy charm. Many, especially M. Lantin, knew…show more content…

Lantin was potentially completely deceived by in his marriage is his wife’s faithfulness to him and him alone...or lack there of. During the beginning years of the Lantin’s marriage, Monsieur Lantin took his wife to the theater, which she dearly loved. He did not enjoy the theater at all, so as time went on, he then asked her to go on without him and invite her girl friends to go with her instead. By him not accompanying her to the theater, that opened up a perfect window of time and opportunity for Madame Lantin to go on dates with other prospective suitors. In an overview by Sara Constantakis, she says:
One can also only speculate that how Madame Lantin’s insatiable craving for jewels, that her husband cannot afford, is motivated by the socioeconomic condition of the world in which she moves. When Maupassant explains that Madame Lantin is extremely reluctant at first to go out in the evenings without her husband to escort her, he gives the reader one of the only clues about her possible feelings as she makes the transformation from a dutiful and virtuous wife into a woman who is extravagantly showered with expensive gems by other men. (Constantakis 1)
Knowing that Monsieur Lantin worked every day as a chief clerk in the office of the Minister of the Interior, Madame Lantin very easily could have spent that time out socializing and meeting new people while her husband was off at work. An additional question of Madame Lantin’s faithfulness to take into account can

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