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2016-2017 CSU East Bay Catalog[ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2016-2017 CSU East Bay Catalog

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Online Catalog

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Semester Conversion is underway at CSU East Bay! This is a multi-year effort to transition the campus from a quarter to a semester calendar.  The first term on the semester calendar will be Fall 2018.

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Changes on Rules and Policies

Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this catalog, students and others who use this catalog should note that laws, rules, and policies change from time to time and that these changes might alter the information contained in this publication. Changes may come in the form of statutes enacted by the Legislature, rules and policies adopted by The Board of Trustees of the California State University, by the Chancellor or designee of the California State University, or by the President or designee of the campus. It is not possible in a publication of this size to include all of the rules, policies and other information that pertain to students, the institution, and the California State University. More current or complete information may be obtained from the appropriate department, school, or administrative office.

Nothing in this catalog shall be construed as, operate as or have the effect of an abridgment or a limitation of any rights, powers, or privileges of The Board of Trustees of the California State University, the Chancellor of the California State University, or the President of the campus. The Trustees, the Chancellor, and the President are authorized by law to adopt, amend, or repeal rules and policies that apply to students. This catalog does not constitute a contract or the terms and conditions of a contract between the student and the campus or the California State University. The relationship of students to the campus and the California State University is one governed by statute, rules, and policy adopted by the Legislature, the Trustees, the Chancellor, the Presidents and their duly authorized designees.

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Many students choose Cal State University---East Bay for its “affordable” tuition, “small class sizes,” and “strong” business, nursing, and teaching programs. Students say CSUEB is dedicated to “helping the students get where they need to be as soon as possible” so that they can be “ready for the real world.” A senior explains, “CSUEB has been very convenient for me because I work 50-plus hours a week and need to complete this education as soon as possible. I am usually able to work the school scheduling around my work and family.” Most students agree that the “reasonable” and “understanding” professors are incredible.” They note that the small class sizes allow faculty “to focus more on the students.” In addition, “All the teachers are required to have office hours.” Most here find the overall experience positive, noting the variety of offered experiences. “I’ve run into good courses and bad, great professors and ones that may be better suited [to] a loony bin, challenging material and easy,” says a junior. However, red tape can be an issue, as “Paperwork gets lost very often, which makes it extremely frustrating on the students’ part.” The university is making strides in addressing this issue. It recently introduced MyCSUEB, a new web-based portal which makes online services more accessible. Many also praise the “excellent” new president and the “better direction” in which things have been heading under his leadership.

Student Body

In general, CSUEB attracts diligent and career-minded students, the majority of whom “work at least part-time” and “have families to care for.” Needless to say, “Many more parents attend [CSUEB] than other schools.” This student profile is due to change as a result of the university beginning to emphasize a more traditional four-year undergraduate experience. Additionally, besides having a wide generational range of students, the campus also reflects the multicultural community native to the San Francisco Bay Area. CSUEB “is an extremely diverse campus in terms of both ethnicities and attitudes.” A senior explains that this “culturally diverse atmosphere that promotes educational growth” is a “great asset.” Despite coming from a multitude of backgrounds and places, students here have a shared seriousness about their studies. At CSUEB, “Almost everyone here is serious about their education” and “extremely focused.”

Campus Life

During the school day, CSUEB bustles with student clubs, theater and music productions, fraternity and sorority meetings, and sports. However, since the majority of CSUEB students commute to school, things slow down after hours and “during the weekend” when the campus becomes “a ghost town.” While this may lead some to take a dim view of campus social life, others say there are plenty of ways to relax with your friends after class. “For fun, students can socialize in the Student Union, watch sports [on] the big screen, play pool and table tennis, or have some beers at the pizza spot just off campus,” reports a senior. Addionally, CSUEB is addressing social concerns by expanding their freshman-year experience, primarily through the learning communities program. Located in the suburb of Hayward (with an additional campus in Concord), CSUEB’s location is “breathtaking” with its panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. Thanks to its proximity to public transportation, “You can access almost every fun activity in the Bay Area” with ease. “It is close to everything: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and an hour and a half from Sacramento,” says a contented student.


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