Ps 220 Unit 9 Assignment

Running head: Unit 9 Assignment[Type here]The program I have chosen is the Master of Science in Psychology, Addictions track. I would like to eventually work with substance abuse clients and clients with other types of addictions. These would include gambling, eating, sexual and any other type of disorder one would present with. I have chosen the comprehensive exam track rather than the thesis. I would feel more confident with the exam over the thesis. The program I have chosen should be done in 3 years and possibly sooner, if I decide to take more than one class in a term.Degree PlanMaster of Science in PsychologyCredits earned: 0Credits required: 70GPA: 00Status: activeEnrollment date: 09/09/2015Start date: 10/14/15Graduation date: 10/09/18Core Requirements: credits required: 35Course:MM570 Applied Statistics for Psychology 5 credits futurePS501 Foundations of Professional Psychology 5 credits currentPS 502 Ethics and Standards of 5 credits scheduledProfessional PsychologyPS 504 Advanced Research Methods 5 credits future

Sandra Lombardino2Sandra LombardinoQuestion 1Sandra is a 69 year old woman that has worked over 33 years as an elementary teacher. She ismarried to Benedito, which is an alcoholic, very abusive and has health issues. They have been married for 40 years and have four adult children that left home because of their father's abuse. Sandra has been looking forward to her retirement, she wanted to travel, do voluntary work but because of Benedito being ill, she is taking care of him instead of doing what she wants to do. Her children and her friends want her to divorce him, but she feels if she did get the divorce, she would have to give him half of the property that she has worked for all these years (Zastrow, 2012).Question 2Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial development is Despair for Sandra; she lived with a man that was an alcoholic and abusive to her and her children (Zastrow, 2012).HSP conducting a life review with Sandra would advise her to seek counseling so she can build her self-esteem to feel better about herself so she will be strong enough to have the strength she needs to get the divorce from Benedito; no one should live with the abuse he has put her and her children through. Sandra needs to know that she does not have to live in a life that she is not happy with. The last thing Sandra needs is to feel as though she is a failure and the counselor will help her work through this. HSP worker will review everything that Sandra has lived through; the worker will take all the information and make a case for her so she can get the help she needs. Sandra is overwhelmed with the stress she is feeling and hopefully she will take the


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