Qnt 561 Week 5 Individual Assignment

b-2.Determine the coefficient of determination.(Round your answer to 3 decimal places.)0.296c.Interpret the correlation coefficient. Does it surprise you that the correlation coefficient is negative? (Round your answer to nearest whole number.)Moderatecorrelation between age of car and selling price. So, 30% of the variation in the selling price is explained by the variation in the age of the car.The Student Government Association at Middle Carolina University wanted to demonstrate the relationship between the number of beers a student drinks and his or her blood alcohol content (BAC). A random sample of 18 students participated in a study in which each participating student was randomly assigned a number of 12-ounce cans of beer to drink. Thirty minutes after they consumed their assigned number of beers, a member of the local sheriff’s office measured their blood alcohol content. The sample information is reported below.StudentBeersBACStudentBeersBAC160.101030.07270.091130.05370.091270.08440.101310.04550.101440.07630.071520.06730.101670.12860.121720.05960.091810.02Use a statistical software package to answer the following questions.Click here for the Excel Data File1.Award: 10 out of 10.00 pointsa-1.Choose a scatter diagram that best fits the data.

ONE SAMPLE HYPOTHESIS TESTING CASES2One Sample Hypothesis Testing CasesHypothesis TestingFirst thing is first, what exactly is hypothesis testing? To start with, hypothesis testing is away to compare two different groups of information, or more if need be (NEDARC, 2016). Testing can be completed in one to eight steps. Being how these testing before are very small andsimple, one step testing will be what is needed to do this, the biggest value to look at is the null. The null will explain if there is an effect, relationship, or difference in the groups (NEDARC, 2016). Also, attached will be an excel document that will provide more information related to the test results. Election ResultsDuring the 2000 year elections, the state of Florida conducted a study that would show if the two presidential candidates would win the election. The two candidates are Al Gore and George W. Bush. The poll was conducted with a test run of having 765 voters. After conducting a


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