Nur 443 Week 4 Assignment Chamberlain

Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Envirofacts website at.............Enter your city, zip code, or location. Explore the site to learn more about your environment and things that might be impacting the health of its citizens. Identify something new you learned about your environment and how it could be affecting health by completing this statement, I didn’t know ____. How could you, in the role of a community health nurse, address these concerns?

When caring for populations in community settings, the nurse has many different roles, such as advocate, case manager, educator, researcher, administrator, and so on. Choose one of the community healthcare settings from your textbook or lessons and discuss how one of these roles might be carried out by the community health nurse in the setting you chose.

Assurance is one of the three core functions of public health. Knowing what resources are available is part of this function. Find a resource in your community that could be used as a referral source and share information about the services provided. Who is eligible for the services? What could be done in order to improve the accessibility, acceptability, affordability, or availability of this resource in your community? Make sure to address all four of the A's in your posting.

NR 443 Week 3 DQ 1 Collaborating With the Community

The federal government developed Healthy People as a set of national health objectives that are periodically evaluated to measure progress in the nation’s health goals and healthcare services. HP 2020 has a renewed focus on identifying, measuring, tracking, and reducing health disparities through a determinants-of-health approach.This week, please briefly discuss a Healthy People 2020 objective under the topic area of your choice. Go to and select any one of the…

NR 443 - RN Community Health Nursing

Essay on Community Health Nursing Assessment

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Community Health Assessment of 78382
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Fall Session, November 2012
Audrey L. Hendrix

Community Health Assessment of 78382
In an effort to promote the health needs within a community, a successful community health nurse (CHN) must focus on the entire population. In order to accomplish this task, the CHN utilizes a scientific approach to determine the priority population focused health needs for the community. According to Nies & McEwen (2011), a population focus involving an assessment of the community is a primary tool utilized in order to develop planning, interventions, and evaluations for the community at large. The purpose of this paper is to determine a priority…show more content…

Windshield Survey Within the community, a large amount of individuals are visible. Many are entering convenience stores and some are standing in the parking lot areas talking. A variety of ages is noted and the two major ethnic groups in the community, Caucasian and Hispanic, are the two that are the most visible. Many of the individual are overweight or obese. Some are well dressed while others are disheveled in appearance. Pregnant women are visible as well as women with small children. The general condition of the homes in Rockport is diverse. Many of the homes are multi-million dollar structures while others are dilapidated and in need of serious repair. People seen in the downtown area are walking but away from that area, most people are travelling in cars. Some people are travelling on bicycles or golf carts in designated areas. Three areas of public housing are noted but there are no visible signs of public transportation. Numerous campaign signs are visible throughout the entire community. One adult day care and two child day centers are noted during the survey. Two grade schools, one middle school, two private church schools, and one high school are seen during the survey. Many of the homes in the neighborhoods in the area are dirty and in need of repair. The yards are full of garbage and items such as old

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