Example Cover Letter For Entry Level Resume With No Experience

Entry-level resume objective examples

Resume objectives are starting to be more obsolete, but in some cases may still help with your entry level job search.

Resume objectives are no longer being viewed as requirements for resumes—the career summary is more common nowadays—but there are still circumstances that warrant an objective's inclusion—namely, when you're applying for entry-level jobs.

Entry-level objectives can be especially difficult to write because you likely don't have loads of work experience, but you do want to solidify the fact that you know the type of career you're looking for. Your approach to writing a good entry-level resume objective should be practical and straight to the point. Entry-level job seekers should also include a resume objective just to be on the safe side. If you're not changing industries and you're open to being hired for any position, it's best to leave off the objective.

Tips for writing a great entry-level objective

Your resume's career objective should state that you're looking to join a stable company in a position that would offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills. You may be thinking that your only objective is to land a job, but think more creatively than that. Throw in something specific about the company or position that grabs attention. When you tailor your resume objective to the job you're hoping to get, you're more likely to get a call for an interview.

You should also make a point to say that you're a team player and capable of gaining new skills without difficulty – if this is true, of course.

Resume objectives are necessary for when you're changing industries or targeting a specific job or position. Entry-level job seekers should also include a resume objective just to be on the safe side. If you're not changing industries and you're open to being hired for any position, it's best to leave off the objective.

Resume objective examples for entry-level job seekers

Once you've determined that including an objective will benefit your resume, here are some entry-level resume objective examples you may want to consider:

  • To build a long-term career in [specific industry] with opportunities for career growth.
  • To enhance my educational and professional skills in a stable and dynamic workplace.
  • To solve problems in a creative and effective manner in a challenging position.
  • College graduate seeking a position with an opportunity for professional challenges in the field of [specific industry].
  • To obtain employment with a company that offers a positive atmosphere to learn and implement new skills and technologies for the betterment of the organization.
  • To obtain an entry-level [industry] position at a respected organization and utilize the educational qualifications I've obtained at [name of college or university].
  • To gain employment at [specific company], which will inspire me to enhance my skills in [specific industry] and work as a team player in a positive atmosphere.
  • To bring my strong sense of dedication, motivation, and responsibility to [specific company], and to utilize my [skill] qualifications obtained through [name of college or university].
  • To obtain an entry-level position as a [specific job title] that will allow me to utilize the skills gained at [name of college or university] and build a long-term career in [specific profession].

Writing an eye-catching resume objective can be difficult for entry-level job seekers, but highlighting your educational achievements, skills relevant to the position, and positive attitude can help your resume stand out from the crowd.

Nathan Jones
50 Jacobs Avenue
South Townsville Qld 4810
T: 07 5345 1234
M: 0200 002 002



Mr Peter Douglas
Big Red Supermarket
5 Food Avenue
Townsville Qld 4810


Dear Mr Douglas

Re: Part-time and Casual Service Assistants

I am writing in response to your advertisement for positions at your supermarket.

I am currently in Year 11 studying for my Senior Certificate and am available to work after school and on weekends.

I am enthusiastic and willing to learn. I regularly take part in community service and charity events and believe this has given me a good work ethic, experience in interacting with different kinds of people and the ability to work well in a team. I also have my own transport and am punctual and reliable.

I have enclosed my resume and can supply references for your perusal at interview.

I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your team.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Nathan Jones


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