What Should I Do My Assignment On International Business

Business students looking for academic paper topics have a great variety of subjects to choose from. International business research paper topics give students an opportunity to write on the impact of cheap overseas labor on import prices, the effect of subsidies and tariffs on trading, etc. The capitalism concepts, for example, allow students to write about the implementation of Reaganomics in the 1980s.

Choosing International Business Research Paper Topics

If you are assigned to write a research paper your primary task is choosing international business research paper topics. You should consider the following things:

  • Even if your professor offers a topic, try to choose the one that interests you.
  • Ensure the topic of your international business research paper isn’t too narrow or too general. You’ll find a lot of materials if you are looking for information on broad topics, and not enough facts in the second case.
  • Once having chosen a subject, look through the library catalog and Internet databases for good ideas.
  • Look for the articles with headings “How to Find Research Paper Topics”, “100 Ideas for Research Paper,” etc.
  • Look up current events and news on international business sites.
  • Look through several reference books (handbooks, encyclopedias, reports, dictionaries) when choosing international business research paper topics. They will provide you with necessary background information and general topic overview.

International Business Research Paper Topics: Planning Research

After choosing international business research paper topics, make sure you plan and conduct your research properly:

  1. Determine the sources and materials within the particular time frame and other limitations.
  2. Pay special attention to the supervisor’s assistance and a working bibliography.
  3. Start data collecting at once after choosing a particular topic.
  4. Ensure the quality of your resources.
  5. Check the age of the source – it is extremely important when you are going to write a research paper on a relevant international business topic.

International Business Research Paper Topics Ideas

Here are some examples of good research paper topics on international business:

  1. Give examples of the most successful startups for the last five years. Analyze what the most important factor was that has led them to success.
  2. How has Apple’s strategy changed since Steve Job’s death?
  3. What were the most effective advertising campaigns in 2016?
  4. The quantity of strikes in Britain has dramatically reduced in 2015. What are the reasons for this decrease?
  5. China has advanced much further in mobile technologies than the US. What are the factors that influence the development of the mobile industry in China?
  6. The British government has rejected the deal on a nuclear power station. Predict the economic consequences of this decision.
  7. How do you explain the new tendency of large American companies to change the suburbs of a city?
  8. The soap company Savon de Marseille insists that the government should give them the label of originality because cheap Chinese and Turkish knockoffs try to force them out from the market. What should the government do in this case?
  9. According to the prediction of the clothing retailer Next, the demand for cloth will be poor for the rest of the year. How can you explain this?
  10. What kind of business can you operate completely from home and gain high income?
  11. The US government urges wars in Africa with the aim to distribute guns. Prove or disapprove this opinion.
  12. What would be the consequences for the poor if all the countries live only on the products that they manufacture?
  13. What are the most popular mistakes of many startups that lead to their failure?
  14. If artificial intelligence is invented now, how much time would people need to provide all employees with jobs?
  15. Which big international companies are likely to go bankrupt if they fail to change their strategy as soon as possible?
  16. Is it reasonable to hire an experienced manager that will develop a startup? Or, should the creator promote the business personally?
  17. There’s a tendency in logo design to change the shape of the design to flat. Who started doing this first and why?
  18. The economic impact of immigration in the United States in the last five years: how do immigrants affect the US economy in general?
  19. Make a list of five types of small businesses that will definitely bring a return.
  20. Do you think that all big companies should be present in social media?
  21. Terrorism influences the economics of a country in general. Does it affect private business in particular?
  22. How do governments profit from war? What kinds of companies grow in the conditions of constant war?
  23. Give examples of companies that have failed on the international market but succeed on the national market. Why have they failed?
  24. How does a government stabilize currency during a crisis?
  25. What ways do you know to predict US recessions? Which of them is the most effective in your opinion?
  26. Try to explain why the prices on houses have increased after Brexit.
  27. How does the foreign exchange market work?
  28. What other languages besides English could be international languages for business?
  29. How does Brexit influence the economics of the EU?
  30. What types of companies should be obliged to make payments on health care budgets?

Here you can find other outstanding research paper topics within different areas of studies.

International Business Research Paper Topics Help

Business research papers are usually assigned to college and university students. This type of paper is a part of a student’s semester work and influences the final marks. From the very beginning of the semester supervisors put an emphasis on the importance of writing really well-thought out research papers.

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