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MBA Cover Letters

In this section you will find sample mba cover letters. Cover letters in this section are focused on mba jobs.

A cover letter is used to communicate what you can contribute towards an organization, if you are selected for the job. A cover letter and resume needs to be sent to the recruiter when you are applying for a job. It should convey the message why you are interested in the particular position, what are your key skills, work experience and qualification that make you eligible for the particular job. Before you start writing MBA cover letters, research about the job opening, the skills and work experience that is required for the job.

MBA has several specializations such as marketing, finance, human resource, health care management, communication, system, entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism, international business, strategy, governance and international finance. Mention the exact MBA degree you possess, whether part time or full time. The recruiter should not get confused about your degree. Candidates with part time MBA degree need to place emphasis on their work experience.

MBA student looking for summer internship needs to mention the subject of specialization, year or semester of graduation and how their practical and academic knowledge makes them suitable for the job. Student with previous work experience need to mention the management skills they gained. For Example: A MBA strategy student with call center experience applying for summer internship in strategic management can write work experience as follows:

As an internal consultant with XYZ call center, worked on various projects related to strategic planning, marketing, and operations. Implemented various innovative ideas that helped my team members to achieve or exceed their targets.

MBA graduates with experience in their field of specialization need to clearly mention the job profile they are looking for, their MBA degree with specialization details, and details of work experience. Provide the details of all relevant work experience along with the company name in reverse chronological order. Use of bullet points to list work experience should to be avoided; it would look appropriate if you write it in a paragraph format. Those looking for designation change need to emphasize their roles and responsibility in previous organization. If necessary, provide details of facts and figures of target achieved to justify your claim. For example: marketing executive applying for team lead's designation needs to mention their leadership skills, how they helped their colleagues to exceed their benchmarks, the targets achieved, the percentage of increase in profit of the company and their proficiency in generating various reports.

When you draft the cover letter, mention your address, date and employers details at the top. Make sure you write the name and designation of recruiter. It helps to create a good first impression. Divide the cover letter into three to four paragraphs. The first paragraph must include the details such as the job opening you wish to apply for, your work experience, education and key skills. The second and third paragraph should emphasize your work experience details. By glancing through your cover letter, the recruiter should be able to judge if you are the right candidate for the job. Conclude the letter by mentioning your interest in appearing for future interview. Thank the recruiter for their time and for considering you for the particular job profile.

This site has various MBA sample cover letters that you can use as a guideline. MBA cover letters samples include cover letters for various MBA specializations. The sample career change cover letter for MBA jobs can be used by those looking for a career change. The various customized sample cover letters provide guideline on emphasizing the appropriate details when you draft your cover letter.

When you draft MBA cover letters emphasize on practical work experience and education details. Draft a new cover letter every time you apply for a new job as it needs to be customized according to the job requirement. Avoid sending generic cover letter as it can be overlooked by the recruiter.

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MBA Applicant | Sample Cover Letter

When applying for a MBA, be sure to include a tailored cover letter with your resume. If you are not sure what to write, review this MBA Application sample cover letter for ideas.

John Doe
1234 Broad Street
Small Town, IL 23456

January 1, 2009

Office of Admissions
School of Management  
Ivy League University
123 Main Street
New England, CT 12345

To Members of the Admissions Committee –

This letter expresses my interest in applying fo admission to the School of Management’s Fall 2003 MBA Program.  I had the pleasure of interviewing with your alumnus, Mr. Baron Von Eidelhofen, a meeting that solidified my decision.

After comprehensive research into your program, I was pleased with your educational policies and the culturally diverse environment in which I can learn much from both professors and students of many nations.

The enclosed resume provides my inclusive and accomplished background, including:

  • Seven years of experience in international banking
  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills
  • Fluency and solid communication capabilities in English, French, and Italian
  • Inspirational leadership in a cross-cultural environment in France and Italy

I will be visiting West Coast University during the second week of February to audit classes and interact with the students.  Should you require additional information, I can be reached at the number above.


John Doe


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